Civil Litigation Mediation

San Francisco mediator Nancy Hudgins 

Mediator selection. Who to choose? Every case is different. You’ll want to match the mediator to the case.

If your emphasis is subject matter expertise, see the list below. I have experience in all of these areas.

If your emphasis is reality testing from an authority figure, who better than a silver-haired mediator with more than 30 years of litigation practice and more than 30 trials to hold the mirror up to opposing counsel . . . or your client.

If your emphasis is working with difficult people, I am specially trained to do this, as well as work with clients’ emotions (their clients’ and your clients’).

If you are interested in mediation online, I also mediate cases by Skype and email.  A telephone mediation can be scheduled when parties are out of state or out of the country.  I also have offices in Napa and San Francisco.

I will roll up my sleeves and work hard to help you settle that difficult case.

Mediation Practice Areas

Attorney Fee Disputes
Automobile Accidents
Civil Rights
Class Actions
Correctional Health Care
Dental Malpractice

Divorce/Family Law
Elder Abuse
Health Care
Medical Malpractice
Personal Injury

Premises Liability
Products Liability
Real Estate
Toxic Torts
Trucking Accidents
Unfair Business Practices
Workplace Disputes
Wrongful Death