San Francisco and Napa Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation process 

Divorce is hard.

There is misery in being stuck in conflict, as well as uncertainty in wondering if you will ever get unstuck. There is also worry: about the kids, about money and budgeting, about where you will live, about whether life will ever be good again. And on and on.

Choosing how to resolve these issues with your soon-to-be-ex may be the most important decision you make as begin this next stage of your life. Do you want to duke it out in court or to try to work through your conflicts in a series of civil and calm conversations in a family law mediation?

I am trained to listen, and to help you move through the decisions that divorcing requires. Decisions such as where to live, parenting schedules, budgeting and a fair division of assets and debts. I don’t take sides, but I do work to help keep the conversation civil, the playing field level, and the process moving forward to a marital settlement agreement.

I have two convenient divorce mediation offices in San Francisco and Napa.

I meet people where they are. Then I help them move.

Advantages to Divorce Mediation

  • Confidentiality
    Mediation sessions are confidential.
  • Control
    The parties retain control of the pace. The outcome is not handed over to a stranger (judge).
  • Realism
    The parties can work out an agreement, with terms that can realistically be met.
  • Savings
    The parties save legal fees and their time.
  • Convenience
    The parties schedule mediation sessions at mutually agreeable times.
  • Less acrimony
    Mediation is more cooperative and collaborative.
  • Less Stress on Children
    Parental conflict stresses children. The parties can knit together an ongoing parenting relationship that will benefit their children.
  • It works!
    Mediation works because the parties themselves have fashioned the Settlement Agreement and they therefore commit to stand by it.