Parenting Coordinator and Special Master

If there is one thing all of the conflict resolution experts listed at the right agree upon, it is this:

The less conflict there is between parents, the better off their children will be.

Conflict between parents is very difficult for children to bear. I have heard firsthand from adult children of divorced parents how emotionally toxic the conflict between their parents felt to them. The stories are tragic because the impact on the children’s lives is so great . . . and so lasting.

We all want our kids to be optimistic, resilient and happy. Decreasing the conflict they witness and experience between you and your spouse or ex-spouse is a first step.  I meet people where they are. Then I help them move.

Nancy Hudgins brings “hands on” experience to
Parenting Coordinator and Special Master roles

  • More than 40 guardianship of minors mediations, assisting parents and guardians in working in the best interests of the children.  Issues addressed include substance abuse, mental illness, setting limits, parenting schedules, vacations, transitions from one parent to the other, safety, random drug testing, school decisions, etc.
  • More than 50 divorce mediations including parenting plans
  • More than 25 years as court-appointed Arbitrator, San Francisco Superior Court

Dr. Joan Kelly's advice for parents who are separating or divorcing

Dr. Joan Kelly, a world-renowned clinical psychologist and researcher, has specialized in the effect of divorce on children.  You can get her advice for parents here for free.

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